Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights Magic  


August - March    Easy, 3-4 hrs.



Let's get away from the city lights and see what kind of on amazing light show nature has to offer us.

This activity will be on foot  and is suitable for the whole family. We will take a short walk in the woods, relax and enjoy the show.

Guide will pick you up from one of the meeting points listed and  drive you outside of city center. There might be a short walk (depending on weather conditions ). We recommend wearing warm sturdy shoes, fex. hiking shoes.  Other than the car drive, you will be outside all the time, so be sure to wear very warm clothes. It can get very cold at wintertime.  Best way to dress  is to wear many layers. Take an extra jacket with you to wear while  taking a break, sitting down etc.   

Includes a small snack by open fire

Group min 1 person, max 8 persons  

   Price / person : Adults 85e          Children (under 14) 55e